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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Magic Working

Post cards are on their merry way! If you've sent me your address or are the obvious family members, yours should be on your door step within a week or so, as well as gifts and treasures upon our return. So look out for them! I think that was actually the first time in my life I've sent out postcards and I got the most exhilarating high from it. Thanks to the internet the art of writing letters is quickly dying. I even went as far as to Google where to buy wax stamp sets for future letters I'd like to write. Pen pals anyone? I'd love to write Jane Tarver, if she'd give me her darn address in D.C and not decide to disappear off the face of the earth! !!!

Two nights left in Koh Samui and we head to Khao Sok. Good-bye beach life, we've become so accustomed to fruity cocktails, and laying around in the sun. Onto other exciting things I suppose, [long sigh] Our time in Thailand is going by so quickly! I felt like it was just yesterday I was stuck in the whirlwind that is Bangkok, and now we are already nearing our last visa run which will probably be to Cambodia.

Here is our videos of our Khoom Fay. Our wish lantern. The first video it was very windy and we needed a friendly bystander to help us hold the lantern. The second video, is turned the wrong way due to the camera...but you get the idea. Make a wish!

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