"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating." - Luciano Pavarotti

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Topped with Southern Pride

I love pralines. I mean really, who doesn't? That's including you folks that don't really like sweets. You can still enjoy a praline from time to time. This morning I found this recipe on RealSimple for praline topped blondies and I just couldn't stop myself. All I could think about was how I smelled all those freshly made pralines at the french market and I didn't buy a single one. My mind was stuck on filling up on a muffuletta from the central grocery. But I must say this was a fair replacement. When I tested the praline frosting I found myself exclaiming "c'est délicieux"! The only adjustment I made on the recipe was to double the entire thing. I could have tripled the praline batch even, but thats simply because I'd like to have a little extra to eat with a spoon. I almost forgot to mention that the pecans were freshly picked and shelled. Click below to read the recipe.

(Visit: RealSimple)

New Clothes

I said I wouldn't, but I did. I ended up ordering an outfit from Spotted Moth yesterday in a bit of a daze from  bowls and bowls of Khao Soi and Singha. I'm going to blame it on the food. Does that even work? In my defensive they have a %25 off code and free shipping over $75 dollars right now. Deal?

- Fleet Week Romper $34.99
- Goldilocks Bag $46.99
- Fit as a Fiddle Heel $32.99

(Visit: Spotted Moth)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Quick Healthy Pasta Dish

This is my favorite quick lunch. In the time it takes you to open a frozen pizza, pre-heat the oven, and cook it: you could have this lovely snack instead. Not only does it look impressive and colorful, but it tastes great and it's healthy. You can mix and match whatever vegetable you like, and it can be cooked in under ten minutes. Another alternative is peas, and pancetta. You can also sauté the vegetables with half the olive oil and a little chicken broth for added flavor. And volia! Click belong to read the rest of the recipe.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bird Lounges

1.) JOEPAPENDICK $65 - $375
3.) Jonathan Adler $125
4.) Vladimir Jaccard $138
5.) hen & hammock £30
6.) JOEPAPENDICK $65 - $375

  • I think I need to add building a birdhouse to my bucketlist.
  • St Lawrence, anyone hungry?

    I've recently discovered an obsession with reading about saints. Therefore this blogs patron saint will be Saint Lawrence of Rome. Why? It's one of the closest I can find to dealing with cooking, and I really love the story. During the persecutions under Valerian in 258, numerous priest and deacons were being put to death. As the story goes Lawrence is said to have been martyred on a gridiron (a metal grate with parallel bars typically used for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, or combinations of such foods). In other words, a very very slow death. During his torture Lawrence cried out "This side’s done, turn me over and have a bite" ["Assum est, inquit, versa et manduca"].
    Now, that's a story. What creeps me out the most is that Saint Lawrence's Feast Day is August 10th. What do you eat? Now, I'd like to point out that there are no records of anyone eating him though.

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Christmas Wishlist

    1. KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer
    2. Iphone 4
    3. Blackbird Fly Camera in Cloud White
    4. Cambridge Satchel Company Briefcase Bag
    5. Grove Bamboo Iphone 4 Case
    6. 1080 Spanish Recipes Cookbook

    [click for prices]

    Adolfo's, New Orleans

    I've had in the ball park of about a 100 different unfinished, half started, picture blogs. I've been thinking maybe its about time I say something. ...... yeah I'm still waiting for that to happen ...... Keeping with the theme of not finishing things I'll just tag onto this old blog and start right dab in the middle. So, lets talk about Adolfo's restaurant in New Orleans. Its located on Frenchman street, which was named for six French leaders who led an uprising against Spanish rule after Louisiana was ceded to Spain, and who were subsequently executed in public by Spanish Gov. Alejandro O'Reilly. Sounds harsh, right? The Spanish were actually a pretty decent breed of people, they executed them by rifle fire, which was a lot more humane than the commonly used wheel to break your bones and allow birds to eat your fleshy remains... What a bore it would be to have avenues named after A, B, oh and don't forget C... Sorry Manhattan, that was a cheap shot. Anyway, Adolfo's is pretty hard to find. You must first locate the Apple Barrel Bar, enter into either doors and head up the stairs. There's a slight charming lean to the building and usually a band can be found playing in the bar. Now, I must warn you: get there early. I'll say that again, get there early. It opens usually around 5pm. I had a horrible experience on my boyfriend Bucks birthday night waiting two hours on the list to be told at 10:30 that they are now closed. Talk about disappointment. Luckily New Orleans happens to be an all night sorta town and I found good food down the street. I just have to keep in mind that Adolfo's is one of those eateries that stands by the motto that to eat there it is a privilege, not a right. The food is Italian Creole, or as some like to call it New Orleans Italian, all manned by one gentleman. The food is spectacular, my favorite is the veal with the ocean sauce. It almost melts away the trouble of actually getting to eat there. So if you're not afraid to be brushed off by the host, I'd suggest eating here - but its not for the sensitive type (which who am I kidding, is usually me).

    Oh! And cash only!