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Monday, March 8, 2010

Last night in Thailand

Tonight's our last night in Thailand. It's bitter sweet. I'm sad, thought I do miss home. Two months ago I would have been so excited to get outta here, but now I feel there was a lot of things we missed and there really isn't enough time to do it all. I dare say a little piece of us will be left here, maybe someday we will return to pick it up. It's time to go home to the land of the free refills.

They have this little ol' thing here called the Backpacker. South East Asia. Essential its a magazine all about backpacking across Asia, well obviously. Anyhow, I read this little tid bit and thought it was humorous:

1.) The faint smell of sewage combined with car exhaust makers you mildly aroused.
2.) You believe that souvenirs are fleeting, whereas a good scar will last a lifetime.
3.) Each time you cross something off your list of destinations, you replace it with at least ten new ideas.
4.) Someone smells really bad. You look around, and realize that nobody else is there.*
5.) You can sleep on bags of rice.
6.) You like to sleep on bags of rice.
7.) Plump, toothless middle-age Lao women begin to remind you of your mother.
8.) Dodging cars, motorbikes, pushcarts, and livestock is your only form of cardio.
9.) Shaving your head seems like a really great idea. And you're a woman.
10.) As your bungalow is burning down because of the citronella candle that you left burning unattended, you rush in to save the most important possession in the world: your earplugs.
11.) You can say "Here kitty, kitty..."in at least five languages.**
12.) At some point, you have considered using your copy of Lonely Planet for one or more of the following: A)sunblock B)a pillow C)a dating tool D)toilet paper E)rolling paper. +

* Apparently my clinical power deodorant that Buck and I have been SHARING, doesn't work as "clinically proven" as it claims...

+ I'm proud to say that we did not bring our Lonely Planet with us, thought I do own a copy of Thailand, and Cambodia at home. There were moments when I would have loved to use it as A, B, and D. Real American sunblock here is about 15-30 dollars a bottle, and Thai sunblock just isn't the same thing - trust me - ask Buck about the blisters on his shoulders. Continuously on this trip I've been looking for anything that resembles a pillow, when you're traveling 24 hours at a time across a country on train, bus, tuk-tuk, minibus, and/or boat...a strangers shoulder starts to look like a beautiful pillow. And as for toilet paper, lets just say the "butt sprayers" as I've been calling them are a tad scary. But luckily you can buy scented Hello Kitty tissues to carry with you for about 5 baht, you can't find that at every 7-11 counter, now can you?

The internet here in Bangkok doesn't want me to upload pictures for some reason, so in a few days when we are home I'll post the last few days of our trip. In the meantime I'll leave you with a portrait of Buck done at the Bangkok Art & Cultural Center:


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