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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My favorite pre-made Thai products:

1. Thai Taste Green Curry Paste, Red Curry Paste, and Palm Sugar. This has been a really reliable brand. They are packaged and produced in Thailand. I'm a sucker for packaging and I love that all these pastes and sauces are resealable. Their website offers some recipes and a list of products. They even sell their own brand of coconut milk!
2. Lobo Brand Curries. Lobo is part of the Globo Food Ltd, and I actually got their curry pastes in Thailand. Every now and then I find them at local Asian markets. My main complain is that you need to buy at least three envelopes if you're cooking curry for more than two people. You can find a lot of these for a reasonable price on Amazon.com.
3. Por Kwan Tom Yum Paste. I found this one at an Asian market and its works wonderful for quick and easy Tom Yum. It's packaged in a nice glass jar, and has nice instructions of use on the package. This brand also offers a Thai Ice Tea mix.
4. Thai Taste Kaffir Lime Leaves. This is from the same brand as number 1, but its Kaffir lime leaves, shredded, and set in oil. I had the hardest time finding fresh kaffir lime leaves after arriving home from Thailand, and this was breathe of fresh air in my kitchen. You only use a pinch at a time and they last for over a year.
5. Maesri Curry Paste. I saw this brand while shopping in Thailand but didn't actually buy any until I was in the United States. I found these at Earth Fare grocery store for only $1 each. It was a steal really. You can also locate these at some Asian markets. My only complaint is that you need to use a can opener. Yeah, I'm lazy at times. This brand also makes wonderful dipping sauces.

These are all products of Thailand

Visit the sites: Thai Taste, LoBo, Por Kwan (not official site), Maesri Brand

For my green curry recipe: click HERE

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