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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This post may be a little wobbly, due to the fact that I took a teeny tiny smidgen of Bucks cough syrup to calm my nerves. I tend to get a bit anxious before flights and this is by far the longest flight I've ever taken. Now lets begin with a discussion of why I will never ever book with cheapoair.com again.

To start with, 4 months ago when we originally booked these flights all the prices listed on the internet were not accurate. After trying 12 different flights I decided to call a representative to book our flights. Upon calling I found that those were not the updated prices and it was really about $200 more. I decided to just continue on and book the flight. When I asked if my two seat would be booked together, the representative assured me that since my tickets were bought together, we would be seated together. Okay, great. Right? I've planned this trip months in advance, I'm sure they will notify me of flight changes through out the course. Nope. Boy, was I wrong. About a month before our trip we decided to call ANA (All Nippon Airway) and see if they could tell us our seat numbers ahead of time, since cheapoair.com obviously couldn't. That's when we were notified that our seats were not together, and on top of that if we were flying out of Nashville at 7:15 we would miss our other flight. We were stunned that cheapoair.com after all those months never sent an email or anything to notify us that we could not actually take the flight they booked us. Therefore ANA gladly helped us and changed our first flight to United, so we would make it to Chicago in time for our next flight. They also tried to fix our seating arrangement, minus one flight that was completely booked. We'll have to find out about that tomorrow (Fingers crossed). When we called cheapoair.com they denied being responsible for any of that. Now, lets skip to two days before our flight. We call cheapoair.com to find out what time our flight now leaves since its been changed and the internet still says the original flights...after being put on hold several times the representative times us that its a United flight, but United Airlines is now closed and they don't know when we leave. He then insisted that we wait and just call in the morning and someone will figure it out. Therefore, we hung up and call United...which is open 24 hours and they let us know our flight information. How irritating, to sit there after being put on hold for 2 hour and be lied to.

I work in the service industry. I mean, come on, I have a major in Restaurant Hotel Management, I've taken plenty of business classes, and I am completely convinced that cheapoair.com is a mess..unorganized and from what I've witnessed horribly rude customer service.

Phew. That was a lot off my chest. Now, I'm sitting in Nashville waiting for our 3am wake up call, and if any of this post made sense I hope none of you have the displeasure of using cheapoair.com. On the flip side, our hotel in Nashville is really splendid so far, and priceline.com gave us an excellent price. I've started to really enjoy that name your own price feature. We'll just have to wait and see how tomorrow goes...

-Also, when we arrived in our hotel in Nashville, a man in the elevator stated "you two look like real travelers."...I guess we'll soon find out, won't we?

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