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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The True Map of North America

We we're stopped at a gas station between Birmingham, AL and Huntsville, AL when I spotted what has to be the best postcard ever. Ever. We had just gotten back from working in Alaska, and we're pretty much used to missing our home state. I bought it with the intensions of send it to our friend in Seattle, but never actually got around to buying stamps. I know, I'm quite lazy at times.

I love how Alaska is only labeled as "eskimoes, woods, snow, and ice." You can't miss "DAM YANKEE TERRITORY". And California is simply "smog, desert, and foot waters". Oh, and of course the north is just "no cotton". Ha. I thought it was cute. Boy, do I love my gas station purchases. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. i love gas station purchases too!
    i like 'save your confederate money!'
    and also that mexico is full of gringos.
    i found a similar post card of texas at a gas station... i wonder if it's the same people.

  2. "Land of dust and heat", "Waste Lands"!! Har har har