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Friday, January 8, 2010

If I had endless streams of money...

This is where I'd stay in Thailand, but alas...at $3,000 a week its a bit out of my budget. By a bit I mean, theres no way I'd get to step foot there. But its nice to dream, right?

Click here for the details. And then drool.


  1. 3 thousand a week!? wtf!? you will be living like kings in thailand girl... i'm doing costa rica on like, 2 or 3 hundred a week... and it's mad more expensive than thailand!!!

  2. haha, I would never ever spend 3000 a week! I just like to google 5 star stays in travel locations, and then dream. My budget in Thailand is going to be $5 a night guesthouse stays. :)

    Costa Rica should be so fun and warm! How exciting!